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Update PopRonde: Honky-Tonkin’ in Zwolle

Travelling Dutch festival PopRonde is in full flight right now. And my  band the Small Town Villains and me are getting our fair share of it..

So far, we’ve been booked for 7 PopRonde shows, and we had to cancel one other booking. That’s quite a lot, you know. Especially when you keep in mind that the average number of bookings per band for the PopRonde is about 3. And it is very well possible there are more bookings to come..

The 11th of September we played in Nijmegen (my city of birth, by the way). A fine gig, a reasonably crowded place and the crowd was warm. Apparently,  a fellow who has a blog named De Nachtbrakers was there. He wrote about our set:

“22.30 Back to the Grote Markt, to café Moenen where Tommy Ebben is playing. It’s blues, folk and rock. Pretty traditional stuff, but brought with taste. I’m liking Tommy’s voice. It doesn’t feel like old folks music at all, but in the end it’s a little too much craftsmanship, too little edge”.

I think there’s a compliment in the first half of the last sentence. : – )

Saturday the 19th of September we played in Zwolle. (Maarten’s home town long ago.) What a gig that was. The place was packed.  Great response from the crowd too. We did our ‘bar-set’, which consists mainly of up-tempo songs.  The second floor was used as a balcony and people were dancing and sweating. The latter goes for the band as well.. We did two sets and I sang until my throat hurt.

That gig got a great review in De Stentor, the provincial newspaper. They called us one of the “three highlights” of the night:

… Tommy Ebben turns the ever so classy Gelagkamer Hoogh into a dripping honky-tonk bar. His own songs as well as the Stones’ Dead Flowers are a clash of raw country and blues rock. Next week the PopRonde will be in Deventer. Unfortunately without Tommy.

Dutch readers can read the full article here.

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