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This one goes out to… #2

The mad maestro Captain Beefheart (a.k.a. Don van Vliet), who deceased a few days ago.

His most well known work is the 1969 album Trout Face Replica. A truly bizarre and staggering work of art. But be warned, this is no easy listening! I still haven’t been able to listen to it for more than 10 minutes in a row. Still, I keep turning back to it again and again. Like peeking through a keyhole into a room where something very strange and startling is going on.

During the making of that album, he mentally and physically abused his band members. His way of teaching them his crazy arrangements.  At various times one or another of the group members was put “in the barrel”, with the Captain berating him continually, sometimes for days, until the musician collapsed in tears or in total submission. What an example for fledging band leaders..

But the main reason for posting this little tribute, is that he wrote the beautiful, tender and clever Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles. I first heard it on the soundtrack of The Big Lebowski, which was my introduction to Captain Beefheart. This song is definitely in my personal top 10 of best songs ever.

Here’s a cool documentary on YouTube on Captain Beefheart!0