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Paradiso: gig, pics, vids and reviews..

And then the 10th of June finally arrived; Our debut at Paradiso, probably our fair nation’s most famous club. Okay, we played in the hall upstairs (the smallest of the two) , but hey, everybody’s gotta start somewhere..

First of all, it was f-ing awesome to play there. The all in all 6 hour drive (!) was definitely worth it.. Great vibe from the audience and we all played well. Oh, and we got some great reviews as well! wrote :

“The songs have been soaking in a bath of americana. These boys produce an authentic sound. They sure aren’t amateur-Americans.”

“Tommy Ebben’s music is of a mature genre. He carries on a tradition”

Check the whole review (in Dutch).

Live XS wrote:

“However these young boys play a conservative kind of music, their show was remarkable and could have easily stayed  interesting for another set.”

“Their combination of americana and blues is very accessible but especially Ebben’s voice gives it a very idiosyncratic sound.”

Read the full article (in Dutch).

My buddy Pim Hendriksen really nailed the vibe of our show in his pics! Check ‘m out!

Here’s some video footage of the gig. It’s pretty cool.. There will be more in a few days..

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