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‘The Colour of the Drapes’ with Mister & Mississippi for Knalland

Here's another Knalland track we recorded in Simon Akkerman's Epic Rainbow Unicorn Studio. This time it's with the lovely Mister & Mississippi. The song was written by Casper Adrien and yours truly, just like Father Please, but this band really took it to another level. I'm really glad these guys contributed to the Knalland album with their honey-like voices and dreamy guitars.  Here's a picture of us rehearsing the song at there place in Kanaleneiland.   ...

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Knalland’s ‘Father Please’

For the first Knalland single 'Father PLease', we took the party outside of our own hood Kanaleneiland. Instead we went to Simon Akkerman's Epic Rainbow Unicorn Studio, based in the Kytopia building in Utrecht.  The song was written by Casper Adrien and yours truly. It had humble beginnings at Casper's place, but with the love, help and willpower of a lot of people it became the great track that it is. That's Knalland magic for ya.  The video was made by Niels Bourgonje. Enjoy! ...

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Eurydice in Delft

Shot on the 13th of Augustus 2012 in the Rietveld Theater te Delft. By Kiki Rijniers. ...

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