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Lorrainville is not only the name of a small town in Canada, it is also the name of a musical project that will result in a beautiful album. I am lucky to be a part of it (I wrote a song for it) and I thought I’d give you guys a little personal update on the Lorrainville-project untill so far…

 A Dutch TV-item on Lorrainville (from 5.00 I’m playing the song I wrote with my buddy Otto de Jong and bassist Peter Slager of BLØF)

For those who don’t know, here’s a little history: Dutch producer Guido Aalbers is the father of the project. One day he was playing a little game on Facebook, called ‘Make your own album cover’. You may have seen it; You design a cover of an imaginary album with a random name (from Wikipedia), a random quote (from and a random picture (from Guido made the one you see on the top of this post and posted it on his profile. Within a couple of hours, he got dozens of enthusiastic reactions from friends, saying that they definitely would buy it or wanted to play on it if it were a real album. When the 40th reaction came in, Guido decided to go for it and actually make the album.

He envisioned an album with songs written by various songwriters. The genre had to be americana and/or acoustic pop that would fit the artwork. He chose three vocalists (Casper Adrien, Erick Neimeijer and Anneke van Giersbergen) and from about 80 songs (by both well-known and unknown songwriters) he made a selection of 14 to record.

A final but important aspect of the project is that it is a non-profit project. So nobody’s gonna get rich from this record. Everybody’s just in for the love of music!

The recordings started in March 2011. Now, after seven months of working in spare time, the project approaches completion. The release show will be December 15th in Hedon, Zwolle! I’ve heard the rough mixes of almost every song and I am baffled by the high quality of both the songs and the performances. This truly will be a remarkable album. Both for its history as for its music. Like I said, I feel lucky and am very proud to be part of this project.

Keep checking for new updates!

This is the last song of the project that was put on tape. It was all recorded, mixed and edited in one evening/night! 


The video above was shot at the mixing board in Martijn Groeneveld’s Mailmen Studio. Otto is tracking the drums to my demo.


Ellio Martina is playing pedal steel in my song. How I LOVE the sweet sound of that..

Me recording mandoline for I Wish I Was A Carpenter. It’s Bertolf’s mandoline by the way.