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Cry Baby Cry: The White Album Revisited for Revolver Magazine

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It’s been three months now, but I wanted you guys to know that I appeared on another compilation CD. This time not with one of my own songs, but with a cover of the Fabs..



When you buy Dutch monthly music magazine Revolver, you get a free CD with it. The December issue of 2008 was dedicated to the 40th birthday of the White Album. To celebrate it, Revolver invited ten Dutch bands/artists to record their own interpretation of a song from that glorious album. They asked me to do one and – being a HUGE Beatle fan – I shouted ‘FUCK YEAH!!’ from the top of my lungs.

I chose Lennon’s Cry Baby Cry. In the first place because it’s a beautiful song with a lovely melody and odd fairytale lyrics. Secondly, it’s not that well known. Especially in comparison with other songs from the album, like Back In The USSR, Ob-La-Di, While My Guitar Gently Weeps and Black Bird. And third, I always had the feeling the song wasn’t entirely finished when they recorded it. To me, it sounds more like a (fucking awesome) demo. So there was a little bit room for me to experiment with the structure and the instrumentation..

Off course, we recorded it at my buddy Maarten’s studio. Because of Maarten’s tight schedule, we had only one day to record it. And what a day it was.. I had been up until 5 the night before, working out the new structure and arrangements. We started recording at 9 in the morning (after a 1 hour train voyage) and finished recording at midnight. After that I fell into a coma on the wooden bench in the control room while Maarten was editing and mixing.

But it was cool! And I think the final result is too.. I like the twinkly bells alongside the mandolin and I love Maarten’s ‘Ringo-drum fills’. Other people liked it too, though. The CD got reviewed on the biggest Dutch Beatle fan site The wrote:

“The price for originality goes to Tommy Ebben, because of his fresh take on Cry Baby Cry. He is actually the only one who chose a different way to approach a song than the Beatles did. A different instrumentation and some changes in the original arrangement revive the song.”Luc van Gaans

Curious? Check out the clip below. We shot the images in between the recordings. You can catch a few glimpses of Maarten’s Studio as well!