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Recording the album – in pictures

So that’s it. After more than a year (!) the album’s finished. We – producer Ferdy van der Singel, engineer/editor Koen de Jong and me – started recording in late september 2012. We put the deadline on Christmas Eve 2012. We finished the second week of October 2013.

Recordings took place at two different locations. We started in a old hotel in Bilthoven, a small town near Utrecht. But after three arson attempts (!!) we were forced to move the studio to another another location. (Luckily, the attempts didn’t cause a real fire outbreak in the hotel/studio. Sadly, the same guy was more successful with some big pet store in the same town.)

Off course, being forced to move all the studio equipment was very inconvenient at first. But it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. The new place turned out to be really awesome. It’s a big old madhouse in Den Dolder (also near Utrecht). It’s located in the middle of a forest and it’s got a big, beautiful garden (where I put up a tent for sleeping on hot summer nights). A lot of rad animals as well (naked cats, snakes, peacocks). Also the acoustics are really great for recording, for instance a room with a beautiful, everlasting reverb. All this made recording the album a really cool and unforgettable experience. I’m very grateful to have spent all those hours, days, weeks, months in there with my mates, Ferdy and Koen.

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Knalland’s ‘A Life Anew’ official video

The new video for Knalland’s ‘A Life Anew’! Shot in our hood Kanaleneiland, with the love and help of a lot of people. The video encapsulates the Knalland ideology: yes it’s an ugly neighborhood, but together we’re can make it shine with music and art!

The songs written by Michiel Bel, who’s playing electric guitar on the track and recorded and produced it in his home studio, and yours truly. Here’s a pic of me recording the ukelele. Here’s Morris Kliphuis recording horn and (Small Town Villain) Matthijs Barnhoorn recording violin at Michiel’s. 


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‘The Colour of the Drapes’ with Mister & Mississippi for Knalland

Here’s another Knalland track we recorded in Simon Akkerman’s Epic Rainbow Unicorn Studio. This time it’s with the lovely Mister & Mississippi. The song was written by Casper Adrien and yours truly, just like Father Please, but this band really took it to another level. I’m really glad these guys contributed to the Knalland album with their honey-like voices and dreamy guitars. 

Here’s a picture of us rehearsing the song at there place in Kanaleneiland.



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Knalland’s ‘Father Please’

For the first Knalland single ‘Father PLease’, we took the party outside of our own hood Kanaleneiland. Instead we went to Simon Akkerman’s Epic Rainbow Unicorn Studio, based in the Kytopia building in Utrecht. 

The song was written by Casper Adrien and yours truly. It had humble beginnings at Casper’s place, but with the love, help and willpower of a lot of people it became the great track that it is. That’s Knalland magic for ya. 

The video was made by Niels Bourgonje. Enjoy!