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Guess what..


Dear friends, foes, ladies, gentlemen, brothers from other mothers & soul sisters,


As I’m typing this, the CD’s and vinyl (yes, yes!!) are in the oven. October 5 will be the release show at Paradiso, Amsterdam and from October 10 it will be up for grabs in record stores (both in real-life and digital).

The beautiful artwork was done by Odilo Girod.


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New (official) video for Sunday Love!

Only a few weeks ago we released a video for Forever Sunday. Now we got a new one for Sunday Love (Driving Around).
These two make up something of a duology (like a trilogy, but with two instead of three things) about Sundays. One kinda happy, one kinda sad..

It was shot on a beautiful spring day in Rotterdam and at the beach near Hoek van Holland. It’s directed by Pim Hermans and the two actors are Liselore Knigge and Thomas van Ouwerkerk.


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New bass player!

Hear, hear! A new Villain joined our pack, ladies and gentlemen!

We had to say goodbye to our old new bass man, Bonne van der Wal. But we got lucky again and found Kai Liebrand!
This guy is a real gun slinger on the four strings and can can sing like a bird! He will play on our forthcoming album as well.0

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Jack Daniels Tour in October!

Hear, hear! Looks like we’ll be hitting the road this October with another great roots-rockin’ pack of wild dogs: Ralph de Jong & the Crazy Hearts!
Under the banner ‘the new wave of Dutch roots talent’ we’re gonna wreak some hevoc on gentle souls and holy spirtits at five different venues.
These will be sponsored by Jack Daniels. Oh yes. We’re looking forward to this like crazy! (But God have mercy on our livers..)


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Pedro Pico Pop (is a right of us all..)

Some backstage, post-gig, pre-dinner fooling around at the Pedro Pico Pop Festival in Raalte. Hot weather, cool festival.
The mysterious, beer drinkin’, cigarette smokin’ bandit on the right goes by the name of GertJan vd Weerd. He’s our substitute piano man. Cheers!


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Maarten in Fret Magazine

maarten fretAs some of you may know, the musical skills of our key man Maarten go beyond the piano. He’s also awesome on the drums in the superb Shaking Godspeed. It couldn’t be long before the people of the press found out about his multi-instrumentalism.. [Click on the thumbnail to read the full article]0