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Live @ 3FM [Ekdom in de Nacht]

After our debut on national TV in DWDD, we made our second one that same night. Actually it was the morning after, considering it was between 4.00 and 7.00 AM, but it was all in one go. We were invited to play live during the “Freaknight” at 3FM with Marijke Roskam, which is aired between 4.00 and 6.00 on national television (NL3). It was a bizarre but very cool experience. We were still coming down from the adrenaline rush of playing for a tv audience of 1 million – but in the meantime getting fairly tired as well – when we stepped into the 3FM studio at about 3.00 AM. The place was packed with ganja-smokin’ gangsta rappers, sword-swingin’ people in medieval costumes, boozin’ rockers and cooks who handed out free sushi. Alright! We played three songs; She Won’t Tell, Ballad of a Bad Lover (Signs) and Dreamless Slumbers. We all were a bit weary and the deliverance is very loose (including funny faces in the camera etc..), but that’s what makes these clips cool..

Dreamless Slumbers

She Won’t Tell

Ballad Of A Bad Lover (Signs)


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She Won’t tel: “The Minute”

These next two were shot just before the show aired. Normally bands can play 1 whole song, but we got to play two! She Won’t Tell and Ballad of a Bad Lover (Signs). Too bad my guitar was out of tune during the intro so I had to sing the first verse with my head down to tune the guitar.. Oh well, we were looking forward to this show a long long time and we had a blast!

She Won’t Tell

Ballad Of A Bad Lover (Signs)


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Radio 2, 08.15 AM

A very early gig at Music Matters (Radio 2) with Sander Guis. Just came in after a few days of gigging and boozing at Eurosonic. My voice was shattered (even by my standards..). Had a good time, though..


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Free BEAM album download

Did you receive a Beam Unlock Code during the Eurosonic/Noorderslag festival to download our album Dreamless Slumbers for free?
Alrighty! This is what you should do:

  • Download the Beam Application at http://www.heedia.com (free download now)
  • Start Beam and enter the Beam Unlock Code to download Dreamless Slumbers

With this digital Beam Album “Dreamless Slumbers” we will also keep you updated with our latest news. We even kick off with a contest giving you the opportunity to win a concert at your home! Check it out!0

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Live at 3FM [Bring It On!]

We had a blast at the new 3FM studio with Sander Guis at Bring It On!. We played Forever Sunday. And check out my new little ax! ; )

We did She Won’t Tell as well. My guitar signal faded just before the guitar solo (check out my long face at 01.10 : ) ). Luckely, Maarten picked it up quickly and I got my signal back at the end of the solo. Well, that’s live radio for ya (and a rectangular plug in a Telecaster; not a good combination.. ; )


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Dreamless Slumbers first Dutch album on BEAM

beamDuring the Eurosonic Festival a new format for distributing music will be released in Holland. It’s called BEAM.

In short, when you purchase an album with BEAM, everytime you listen to it, you get instant acces to the latest news, shows, pictures, movies, etc. All in one glance.
The music stays the same, but the story evolves. Plus it’s a great way for artists and fans to keep in touch. Or so I’ve been told. I haven’t seen it in real life myself yet.. ; )

Anyway, the Dutch BEAM-provider/agent Tribe of Noise chose our Dreamless Slumbers to be the first Dutch album to be released on BEAM. So cheers to that!0

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She Won’t Tell – guitar tab

she won't tell (main riff) tabPeople been asking me for the tab for She Won’t Tell. So, here you go!

It’s just the main riff, but that’s what the song is all about. Click on the thumbnail to see and download it.

Hope you like it. Have fun!0