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Tommy in AD/UN (recording ‘Eurydice’)

Foto: Ruud Voest

A couple of weeks ago, I traded Groningen, my college town where I lived for over 7 years, for Utrecht. I moved into a monumental villa, called Villa Jongerius, in which me and my sweetheart of the rodeo can stay until it will be renovated.

The house has a huge marble hall with stairs and balustrades. Yes, the whole shebang. The best part of it all is that it has this epic reverb. I spend hours and hours sitting on the stairs and playing songs. And as you might know, I’m recording an album. So we decided to record a song there; Eurydice, a one-man guitar/vocal ballad which will appear on the album. The atmosphere and theme of that song go beautifully with the sound of the hall.. 0