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Tommy’s Top 6 Albums of the Decade

At the wake of a new decade, everybody’s putting out lists about the best and worst things of the decade that lays behind us. Classifying stuff is just really hot these days.  There are quite a lot of those. And – needless to say – I almost never agree with them.

Just to get it off my chest, I’m giving you my personal top 6 Albums of the Decade. In no way it’s well balanced or representative for all the good music that came out of the 00’s. It’s just a of-the-top-of-my-head  list of MY favorite albums in no particular order. It’s not a definite one as well. I’m probably forgetting a few. And yeah, it’s way to short! There are about a hundred albums I could write a praise to. But I haven’t got the time. I’ve got an album of my own to make!..

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Evelyn video

A dear friend of mine, Marika Curganov, is into making videos and is really good at it. She suggested to make a video for one of my songs. Yay! We decided to make one for Evelyn..

You’ve probably heard of ‘low budget’, well this one’s made with no budget. I really have to give Marika the credits for the great job she did. By the way, the pretty girl in the video is Sascha..


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Guerilla recording; She Won’t Tell

So, we were selected for some kind of contest held by Dutch radio station Yay..  Long story short, they were gonna play a song of ours on national radio. Because we entered the competition as a band (Tommy Ebben & The Small Town Villains, off course..) we wanted a good, catchy tune that was representative for our new band-sound. Well, we didn’t really have one yet, we concluded. All the recorded tracks we had are from the Old Masters..-album and they’re not really what you call ‘catchy’..

So Maarten and me decided we were going to record a new one. But, due to the deadline of the show, we had to record it that very night!.. It was about 5 o’clock in the afternoon when we called Thomas and Sebastian to tell them we were gonna hit the studio in a few hours. They heeded the summons and got on the train to Maarten’s studio in Hattem.

Maarten and me went by train from the studio in Hilversum to Apeldoorn (were Maarten currently lives) to pick up the instruments, recording gear and some take-away macaroni. Then we drove to Hattem.  About 20.00 h. we were ready to record..

We decided to record She Won’t Tell. It’s a rather old tune and it appears (in a stripped down version) on Old Masters.. as well. But we recently started playing it live with the band and were getting great responses to it.

The recording went very well. Thomas ‘one take-wonder’ van den Berg laid down the drum track in his very first take (without a guide track, just the click!..). I did the basic guitar part in two takes and Sebastian nailed the bass track in about two takes as well. Then Sebas and me did the vocals. That went very quick as well. Maarten did some organ on the Philicorda, a cool little vintage organ he’d just bought. Both the guitar solo and piano solo took a little longer (no surprise there..). But about twelve o’clock the track was done, including the mixing and mastering. So it took us about six hours from picking up the gear in Apeldoorn to finishing the track.. That’s what I call guerilla recording!

Check out the video. It consists of footage shot during the recording. Enjoy!

– T

Tommy Ebben & the Small Town Villains – She Won’t Tell from Tommy Ebben on Vimeo.0