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Interview with 3voor12 Zeeland

November the 5th, TE & STV will play at the Popronde in Middelburg. The provincial division of Dutch music website 3voor12 posted an interview with me on their site. I’m talking a bit about how I started out doing what I do and what it is like to be a part of the PopRonde.* For the non-Dutch readers: sorry! It’s in Dutch..

*= They titled it something like “Lots of miles, lukewarm gas station food and lack of sleep”. But, I emphasise in the text, it’s all worth it!..0

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Supporting the Nits @ Het Bolwerk, Sneek

On October the 9th, we played a support gig for legendary Dutch (‘art rock’) band The Nits at Het Bolwerk in Sneek, Holland. They were big in Holland during the second half of the 70’s and the 80’s. They’re best known for their 1987 hit In The Dutch Mountains.

It was very cool supporting them cause we are fans of them. Especially Maarten, whose piano playing is heavily influenced by the Nits’ keyboard player Robert Jan Stips. I always liked singer Henk Hofstede’s idiosyncratic lyrics and singing style.

Frieda Vuur shot some cool pics of our show and the Nits’ gig. See them at 3voor12Friesland or at my Flickr.0

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To The River.. with park reverb!

A while ago, Maarten and me did a gig at the Sonsbeek Park, a public park in Arnhem. It was a beautiful sunny day in July. Just recently I coincidentally came across a YouTube video of us playing To The River that day. It’s kind of nice. I especially like my voice reverbing across the park.. Mwoehaha!!..